Fresh Soil

“All Things New” 

When I heard the words all things new I immediately thought of what we did with my in-laws a few weekends ago. You may be wondering what that was…. Well, we gardened and planted lots of flowers and a fig tree! As we were planting these flowers I couldn’t help but relate to these flowers in a way. You see we had just moved from Colorful Colorado to the Lone Star State Texas. My husband and I were born and raised in Colorado, our roots were there. Then God decided to pick us up and move us away from everything we knew… literally everything; so back to the flowers. 

First, you have to dig a hole big enough for the flower to fit in and leave space for the new soil to go. Second, you pull the flower out of the pot and see ALL of its roots. Then, you cover the base of the flower with new soil and voilà, you have planted something. Now that flower is in a new environment, and it has to rely on us to water it, allow it time in the sun, and give it the proper care it needs. When we care for it properly, the roots begin to grow stronger and deeper and bring beautiful things to the light. BUT that flower had to go through a process. It had to be vulnerable, and it started out small. We have to be willing to trust God with our lives. We have to spend time with Him so that our roots will grow deeper and deeper into the lives of those around us, so that His love can spread.  You see, your roots will never be forgotten because your legacy will carry on. The roots that spread planted other seeds and it just keeps growing. 

Once Steven and I finally settled in our home and really let God speak to us, we know that we are going to do great things here in Lubbock, but it was a growing process. We were being planted here and everything is new to us, just like the flowers and the plants that we planted. Beautiful things have already sprouted for our lives, just like the flowers. And what is truly amazing is that God did all the prep work for us just as we did for the flowers. He KNEW what he was doing, making all things new for us.

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