Who We Are

Our heart

The heart of Trinity Young Adults is to create worshipers. We are after the heart of our Father. More than putting Christ in our ministry, we are concerned with making sure Christ is centered in our hearts. 


We display our intentions of creating community through our Home Group. This allows us to meet informally with the purpose of intentionally connecting with others so we can continue to learn and live out the Gospel.


“Community brings out the gifts and talents the Lord has given you. ”

JD Small  |  Executive pastor



We accomplish what the Lord has put on our hearts through setting practical goals for TYA. We want to foster a place for all to belong, worship, pray, grow, and laugh.


Our first goal is to have a place of belonging.


Our second goal is to show each individual the power of prayer and worship.


Our third goal is to challenge ideas and beliefs with scripture so we can grow. 


Our last goal is to charge our community to reach others through fellowship and community.